Scarology Results - Before and After Gallery

We want to share the results of Scarology customers with you. Review the images and stories below to see the impact our products can have.

scar removalscar fade

Severe trauma from a car accident.  The wound was initially raised, irregular and dark purple in color. Scarology was used as directed on the forehead scar for approximately 2 months and the scar has significantly faded and is completely smooth.  The smaller scar on the right is barely even visible.


facial scar removed on child

Facial scar on a child from falling onto concrete.  Scarology scar cream was used and the skin was dramatically better after just 2 weeks and virtually gone by 4 weeks.


scar fade treatment after tummy tuck

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) scar 3 weeks after surgery. The scar was very irregular, lumpy, bumpy and had separated in some areas. After using the Scarology system for 4 weeks, the scar became smooth to the touch and the purple color started to fade.


 scar removal on face

Photo 1 (left): Mouth scarring after skin cancer removal and plastic surgery. Photo 2 (middle): 2 months after using Scarology. Photo 3 (right): 6 months after using  Scarology.


 Child scar before after


Facial burn on child virtually undetectable after Scarology use.


Mohs surgery for Basal Cell Skin Cancer removal. Scar is barley visible after using Scarology the Ultimate Scar Fade system.


Less than one week of using Scarology's scar cream, this teen's facial scars have virtually disappeared.


Note: The photographs on these pages illustrate typical results after using Scarology : The Ultimate Scar System. Results may vary. The outcome depends on the particulars of each patient’s individual case. In providing the photos and statements on this web site does not state or imply any guarantee. All of the patients known in these pictures have given their consent to have their photos published on this web site and their privacy has been fully protected.