Simple Stretch Mark Fading Treatment

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The Scarology TriFecta: 3-Step Process to Fade Scars and Stretch Marks

Scarology’s 3-part system can be used on any skin type and on any scar once the skin has completely healed from the initial injury. Whether you have a new scar, old scar, or stretch marks, Scarology® can help. Our exclusive focus and research on scars has enabled us to become experts in scar therapy and allowed us to develop Scarology®– The Ultimate Scar System.

The Scarology TriFecta: The Simple, Yet Effective 3-Step Process To Safely Fade Scars And Stretch Marks.

Created by two physicians, Scarology® has revolutionized home scar removal treatments through its unique 3-part system. It includes a scar fading cream that helps improve the overall appearance, color and texture of scars and stretch marks, making them less noticeable. The complete kit also includes a daily fruit exfoliator gel and silicone scar sheets that have shown to soften, flatten and smooth out scars.


“I used Scarology on a dermatologist-caused facial scar that had not disappeared after a whole year. The underlying stubborn redness vanished after only one week!” -Ann G., The Hamptons, NY