Scarology’s Difference

Scarology was created in Palm Beach, Florida, by two physicians - a husband and wife team - Dr. Michael Connor and Dr. Jeanmarie Connor. They have a combined twenty years of medical expertise, specializing in plastic surgery and pediatrics.

Scarology is unique because it targets different phases of scarring. Scarology's 3-step scar treatment system is different from other commercially available products on the market today, many of which have been shown to have little to no benefit.  Our proprietary scar cream combines ingredients that have, until now, only been available in medical settings. We recommend using Scarology’s® Fruit Acid Exfoliator in combination with the Ultimate Scar Cream and Silicone Sheets for maximum results. Scarology's 3-part system can be used on any skin type and on any scar once the skin has completed healed from the initial injury. Whether you have a new scar, old scar, or stretch marks, Scarology can help. It has never been easier or more affordable to renew your skin.

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Step 1: Revitalize and Renew with Scarology's Fruit Acid Exfoliator

Scarology’s® Natural Fruit Acid Skin Exfoliator is the first step in our 3-Step Ultimate Scar Treatment System.

This exfoliator's gentle formula and easy application make it suitable for all ages and skin types. Start your day by applying the Fruit Acid Skin Exfoliator onto dry, residue-free skin. Gentle exfoliation can remove old, dead skin cells from the scarred area and encourage new cell growth and scar fading. Exfoliation is a key step in scar healing as it removes old skin cells, stimulates new cells and helps replace the scarred tissue with healthy skin.

Step 2: Reduce Inflammation and Hydrate with Scarology's Ultimate Scar Cream

The Ultimate Scar Cream is a key foundational step in Scarology’s® scar treatment system. As a part of your day and night routine, this solution was designed to help boost the immune system and reduce inflammation while hydrating all layers of the scar. In older scars, the Ultimate Scar Cream was designed to reach deep layers of the skin and can soften the thick matrix of the scar to help relax the overlying scarred skin. This scar cream's gentle formula and easy application make it suitable for all ages and skin types. Start your day by applying the Natural Fruit Acid Skin Exfoliator onto dry, residue-free skin. Gentle exfoliation removes old, dead skin cells from the scarred area and encourages new cell growth and scar fading. Follow this exfoliation step with Scarology's Ultimate Scar Cream to provide nourishment and hydration to your scar which will help minimize the appearance of your scar.

Step 3: Provide Compression and Nourishment with Scarology's Silicone Sheets

The Silicone Sheets are Step 3 of Scarology’s stepwise approach to scar healing. These silicone sheets are flexible, easy-to-use and reusable for up to 2 weeks. They provide nourishment and compression to your scar while you sleep, thus maximizing results and improving the overall appearance your scar. 


Treat the Cause

It’s time to stop covering your scars. With Scarology®, you can start to treat the underlying cause of your scars instead of simply covering them up.


Scarology’s® Fruit Exfoliator

Exfoliation simultaneously moves pigment-free skin cells to the surface while giving Scarology’s® Ultimate Scar Removal Cream deeper access to damaged skin cells.


Scarology’s® Scar Removal Cream

By reducing the underlying inflammation that is responsible for scarring, Scarology’s® Ultimate Scar Cream addresses the root of the problem.

Scarology® vs Leading Skin Care Brand

Benefits Leading Brand


Created by scar therapy experts to meet your needs
You could see results in as little as 3 days
Scars can fade permanently or appear significantly reduced
Clinically proven active ingredients, not found in any other treatment
100% Hassle Free Return
Can be effective at improving the appearance of all scar types
Suitable for both children and adults


Jamie struggled to find a solution to help with acne scarring. After trying many over the counter products and attempting expensive laser treatments, Jamie found Scarology and saw a significant difference in the texture of the acne scars within 4 weeks of treatment.
“Will definitely recommend Scarology in the future"