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Scar Healing - Scarology® 3-Step Scar System


Scarology's® Difference

Created by doctors specializing in the treatment of scars, Scarology®—The Ultimate Scar System is a proven effective treatment for scars of all kinds. Suitable for adults and children, the Scarology® system works on all skin and scar types, including new scars, old scars and stretch marks. 

The key to Scarology’s® proven effectiveness lies in its proprietary ingredients which hydrate the scar, boost the immune response in the skin and reduce inflammation in the scar tissue. 

No matter what type of scar, there is a way to eliminate it. Don’t accept your scars. Renew your skin with Scarology®. 


Three Essential Products

Natural Fruit Acid Exfoliator
Natural Fruit Acid Exfoliator 

Applying Scarology’s® Natural Fruit Exfoliator is the first part of your daytime routine. Exfoliation removes unhealthy skin cells overlying the scar and stimulates the growth of a new healthy layer of skin.

Ultimate Scar Removal Cream
Ultimate Scar Healing Cream

Following exfoliation, Scarology's Ultimate Scar Cream provides two key functions in scar healing: hydration and reduction of inflammation. These steps address the root cause of the scar and lead to significant healing of the scar.

Silicone Scar Sheet
Silicone Scar Sheets

At night, the scar healing process continues while you sleep with Scarology’s® Silicone Scar Sheets. These flexible and comfortable sheets provide compression and nourishment to the scarred skin all night long to accelerate healing.





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