Who is Scarology?


Who is Scarology?

Born out of both innovation and necessity, Scarology® was developed by husband and wife physician team, Dr. Michael A. Connor and Dr. Jeanmarie Connor. During their combined 20 years specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery in the face and neck as well as pediatrics, they realized there had to be a more effective and less invasive way to treat scars. After researching and testing all the creams and scar removal treatments on the market, they developed their own simple scar cream formula. They also advised their patients to combine their cream with adhesive silicone sheets at night as well as a gentle exfoliator to improve the final appearance of a scar. 

The regimen was a success and patients quickly saw an improvement in the appearance of their scars—which ranged from acne to burns to stretch marks and surgical scars—as well as older scars that had been presumed “permanent.” Through continued research and testing, the Doctors Connor came to realize that scars needed more than just a cream applied once or twice a day. Their 3-step system truly made a difference and was revolutionary in scar therapy. Realizing what they had just uncovered and how it could help boost the self-confidence of people around the world, the doctors made their 3-step regimen commercially available and in 2014, Scarology was born.

This 3-part innovative regimen combines a daily fruit acid exfoliator, an innovative and proprietary scar cream, and silicone sheets. Scarology's products contain key ingredients that nourish the healing scar with hydration, boost the immune system, and reduce inflammation. This regimen is available in a simple day and night routine. Scarology can be used on any skin type—from kids to adults—to sensitive and coarse skin types, as well as on scars in any stage of the healing process… even years after the initial injury.

Three products. One solution. Start today. Live. Unscarred. 

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