The Emotional Impact of Scars


The Emotional Impact of Scars

Whether we want to admit it or not, the world lives on first impressions—from job interviews, meeting new people at social events—to even just going out in public to run simple errands. Each day, we run into new people and there’s usually that moment where we assess one another.

Visible scarring can have a huge effect on our overall well-being, whether we are cognizant of it or not. And often, scars can cause a person to have a negative self-image, which then causes a domino effect of emotional issues, including depression and low self-confidence.

Studies have concluded that people with visible scars feel a stigma attached to them and that others see them as less attractive. Moreover, many people with scarring feel as though others, whether true or not, only see their scars.

Specializing in plastic surgery and pediatrics, Dr. Michael Connor and Dr. Jeanmarie Connor see patients daily whose lives are affected by scars. Their patients range from burn victims to cancer survivors to adolescents with acne and children with other skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis. They witness the emotional impact that scarring has had on their patients. Through extensive research and testing, they realized they could help.

They initially developed a simple scar cream formula and recommended that their patients purchase self-adhesive silicone sheets as well as a gentle exfoliator to improve the final appearance of their scar. 

The patients who followed this regimen were thrilled with the results. Therefore, Doctors Connor decided to bring it to market to give people other than their patients a chance to feel self-confident and good about themselves again. Since the birth of Scarology in 2014, many people's lives have been affected as they have greatly reduced the appearance of their scars, stretch marks, acne scars and burns. Scarology is a non-invasive, in-home treatment that is safe and effective. And the best part is that the treatment is entirely pain free.

The doctors of Scarolog offer a money back guarantee because, they say, they want to give people who have been scarred the new lease on life they deserve. With so many products, creams, lasers and surgical treatments on the market, they know that Scarology® works and want to give people peace of mind when purchasing the product. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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