Experts agree, this is the safest way to treat your scar


Experts agree, this is the safest way to treat your scar

How to Treat Scars: A Safe Solution From Trusted Experts

The three simple steps of the Scarology® system to treat scars are easy to follow, but developing this comprehensive system was a career-defining challenge for husband and wife physician team, Dr. Michael Connor and Dr. Jeanmarie Connor. In the course of their work specializing in plastic surgery and pediatrics, they repeatedly heard the same request from their patients - to recommend an effective and non-invasive treatment for scars. Their patients were looking for help with all types of scarring: keloid, burn scars, acne scars, wound and surgery scars, and stretch marks. To their frustration, the physicians realized they did not know of an effective treatment to recommend.

A Solution is Created

But they didn’t give up. They knew they had to help their patients, so they got to work. The two began looking into existing products and researching in medical journals to find out what was known about scar treatment. What they found was that there was not one cream available that made a significant difference in scar appearance following a year of use. Applying what they had learned, they developed their own proprietary scar cream with four key active ingredients. They began recommending this cream to their patients in their own offices. After seeing the amazing results and the positive effect that their cream was having on their own patients, they knew they had hit on something important that should be shared with the world. This is how Scarology ® was created.

The Treatment You’ve Been Looking For

The Scarology® treatment system is proven to be effective in treating all types of scars, from keloids to stretch marks, and is safe for all ages. We’ve heard success stories for patients as young as two years old whose scars have healed with the help of our treatment. We also know that Scarology® is helping people who have tried everything short of expensive laser surgery to heal their scars. For a safe, simple scar treatment that is non-invasive and clinically proven, people are turning to Scarology® for help. If your scar is making you feel less than yourself, if you want to reclaim your body and feel rejuvenated and whole again, Scarology® was made for you.

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