Holiday Foods That May Cause Acne


Holiday Foods That May Cause Acne
It’s the most wonderful time of the year—unless it leads to a flare-up of acne.
The holiday season usually delivers on its promise of fun and excitement, but it can be a nightmare for your skin. In fact, some of your favorite holiday foods may contribute to your face breaking out in pimples, increasing your chances that you’ll need acne treatment. If you don’t want to use some of those gift cards you get over the holidays to pay for visits to the dermatologist, reduce your intake of these holiday favorites:

Ham — It’s not the ham itself that’s bad but rather, the salt contributes to skin issues. Dermatologists have seen a correspondence between acne scar treatment and the consumption of salty foods so it’s best to avoid salty meats such as ham or to choose only the lower sodium versions of your favorite dishes.

Rolls and Other Breads — Simple carbohydrates found in processed flours can also increase the odds of an acne flare-up. Since bread will be at nearly every holiday party and meal you attend, plan now to stay away from foods with too many processed carbs. Wheat rolls and other breads that have more complex carbohydrates are better choices than white rolls. As a bonus, the complex carbohydrates won’t go to your hips quite as fast as the simple ones!

Holiday Cocktails and Beer — Those cocktails and beers might taste great, but they can have a negative impact on your complexion. Because alcohol tends to dry out your skin, many people who drink too many cocktails or other adult beverages find their faces breaking out and needing acne treatment. Be the designated driver; you’ll be safer and your face will love you for it.

Chocolate — Chocolate, chocolate everywhere, but just don’t eat it all. Eating chocolate leads to increased insulin levels, which in turn can cause acne. Chocolate is fine in moderation; just don’t eat too much.

While many foods will increase your odds of an acne flare-up and make it more likely that you’ll need acne scar treatment, there are some things you can eat that will actually keep your skin healthy and pimple-free. Here are two such foods:

Red Wine — As noted, alcohol can increase your risk of acne, but some drinks are actually beneficial for your skin. Red wine, for instance, has many antioxidants that can improve complexion and reduce acne flare-ups.

Walnuts and Fish — You probably know that omega-3 fatty acids are great for heart health, but they can also reduce swelling and redness, thereby improving your complexion even if your face breaks out with acne. Salmon, tuna and other types of fish can provide the omega-3 you need. Walnuts are also a great source of omega-3, and as they’re found in many holiday desserts, you now have an excuse for extra sweets!

The right diet cannot completely eliminate the possibility that you’ll need acne treatment, but it can go a long way to keeping acne under control this holiday season. 

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