Scar And Skin Care Articles


How To Treat Scars

With so many products on the market and so many ineffective treatments, scar victims can often feel overwhelmed with how to take the first step. Scarology’s® innovative 3-step treatments have changed the lives of so many people


Who is Scarology?

Born out of both innovation and necessity, Scarology® was developed by husband and wife physician team Dr. Michael A. Connor and Dr. Jeanmarie Connor.


The Emotional Impact of Scars

Studies have concluded that people with visible scars feel a stigma attached to them and that others see them as less attractive. Moreover, many people with scarring feel as though others, whether true or not, only see their scars.


Scar Treatment 101 with Dr. Connor

We sat down with Dr. Michael Connor, one of the co-founders of the Scarology®–The Ultimate Scar System to find out more about the anatomy of scar treatment. His expertise in plastic and reconstructive surgery in the face and neck has given him years of experience. 1. As a physician, what initially drew you to skin care, in particular scarring? Scarring found me! My patients’ scars are all on the face so I am asked every day ‘what can be done for my scar?’ There was nothing on the market that I could confidently say was great so I set out to find...


The Best Way to Treat your Acne Scars

Persistent acne can be a frustrating skin condition to live with. Acne occurs when the skin’s natural oil quality changes because of sweating or an alteration in hormones. This lower quality oil then can plug hair follicles, trapping dead skin cells inside. The result is a pimple or blackhead rising from the skin. Prevent and Reduce Scars Before They Form Scarring caused by acne is one of the most common reasons people seek scar treatment. Severe acne or the squeezing and popping of pimples can result in acne scars. Squeezing and picking at the skin only makes the situation worse....


Improving the Results of Skin Care: How to Choose Products with Effective Ingredients

When reading the labels of skincare products, you can search for potent antioxidants, such as lycopene and vitamin C, and if you want to moisturize your skin, you should ensure that a product contains glycerin, cocoa butter or lanolin. Moreover, customers can reduce inflammation and irritation by using lotions that feature zinc, Aloe barbadensis, vitamin E and extracts from green tea. Protecting Yourself From Potentially Harmful Ingredients In general, you should avoid products that contain parabens, which may disrupt the endocrine system and are currently found in more than 45 percent of topical lotions. Many creams also contain oxybenzone and...


C-Section Scars

You've gotten through the ordeal of childbirth, and you have the scar to prove it. More than a simple blemish, your c-section scar requires special care. Here are some scar treatment steps and precautions you'll want to observe in the days following your hospital stay. Watch Your Pregnancy ScarYou're bound to be devoting plenty of attention to your child, but don't neglect yourself. While your scar will likely hurt for weeks, it shouldn't become extremely inflamed. As with any surgical scar, swelling is normal, but you want to observe daily to confirm that things are getting better, not worse.Scars that...

The Truth About Scars: Myths Debunked

When the human body is injured, the wound heals gradually over time. Although small injuries will generally return to normal, a larger wound will result in some level of scarring. This occurs because the dermis becomes damaged. Although collagen fibers are created to repair the damage, it is not enough to prevent a scar. Afterward, the affected skin ends up feeling and looking different than the surrounding tissue. How Can Scars Be Treated? Scarring from a C-section or a surgery can be treated depending on the extent of the scarring. Often, topical products that contain cocoa butter, shea butter or...

Five Basic Lifestyle Changes for Better Health in the New Year

The start of a new year is a good time to assess your overall wellness to make changes that will improve your health. Start with simple adjustments as moderate changes often result in big benefits. For better health and to obtain a positive self-image, consider five basic lifestyle changes. These include: • Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day • Eating a well-balanced diet • Getting the proper amount of sleep• Seeing your doctor regularly • Improving your self-image Exercise To achieve the recommended fitness level, people should complete two hours and 30 minutes of aerobic activity each week....